How to use Game Killer App-Step by Step Guide

Well, sure you have installed the Game Killer App. But, how to use it? Don’t worry, in this post, we are gonna guide step by step to use Game killer app and don’t end up spoil your smartphone.

Follow these simple steps to Use Game Killer App:

  1. Launch the Game Killer App on your device and then minimize it by opening the home screen and let it run in the background.
  2. Now, install the particular game that you want to modify using Game Killer App or if it is already installed, open it.
  3. The next step involves knowing the coins or resources that are available for the game in Game Killer. This can be done by using the auto identify option.
  4. Open Game Killer again and enter the particular value in the search option for adequate results.
  5. Keep searching till you find the right mod for the game you want to play. If you can’t find a mod, change the value to something else and start searching all over again.

how to use game killer app

Things to be done before installing Game Killer:

Rooting your Android Device:

From what is heard across the internet, it is important to root your Android device before installing Game Killer on it to make sure that it works properly on your device. There are few apps in the market which will only run after you have given a full level access and Game Killer is one of them. To root your device, you can search for any of the rooting apps like the King Root and follow the step by step instructions in order to root your device in a single go. If you don’t know whether your device is rooted or not, it will let you know by showing the message of ‘insufficient permissions’ to make you aware that you should root the device.

Turn the Unknown Sources on:

Another issue that most of the Game Killer users confront during the installation is that it is blocked. The simple solution of such cases is to access the system Settings>Security and then go to the ‘Unknown Sources’ to enable them by checking the box beside. Once it is enabled, you can install Game Killer without any errors. However, as this might prone you to potential risks make sure that you can only install trusted applications from the site.

Modified Games:

Game Killer is only used to modify the games with the data that is already stored on their remote servers and therefore if a game is working on internet connection, you can’t actually modify them and this is indeed a sad news to many game users like the Clash of Clans fandom for example. By entering a particular value, the store gives you a life count based on its resident memory so that you can get hold of it and then change it.


The Game Killer tutorial is not something that can be skipped. Yes, you got it right. The tutorial will help you solve the issues and also will teach you how to modify the games by passing the boundaries and therefore go through it before actually trying the app.

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