FAQs About Game Killer App

There are lots Frequently asked questions we get from our users. We have listed them and answer them in the below post. We tried to answer All your queries still if you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach us out via Contact Us page.

Which Games are supported by Game Killer APK?

As of now, Game Killer works only with the offline games. The Online games are hard to hack as they are constantly being connected to the servers under the control of game developers. In order to modify such games, one has to hack the servers of every online game which is not easy given the tight security of the game servers. In order to hack the game, you need to gain advanced knowledge and immense research has to be performed as well.

Installation Error, how to fix it?

If you’re facing errors while downloading or installing the Game Killer, it is because you did not allow your device to download from unknown sources. Therefore, enable this option by going through system settings and try to download the game one more time.

I am not being able to download Game Killer. What do I do?

Well, the answer to this problem is not generic as it depends on various factors and is different from one device to another. The most generic solutions include changing the web browser, blocking the ads or that the site you have opened has too many redirecting pages. Therefore, you can open this specific link and download the file from the link above to avoid such issues.

Is there a way to install Game Killer on my device without rooting the Android phone?

Actually, no. Game Killer can not be run on devices that are not rooted and therefore to use it on any Android device, you have to root the device as a mandatory thing. Rooting can be done using simple rooting apps or tools like KingRoot etc which are found in Google Play Store.

Are there any alternatives to modify Games without rooting the phone?

If you still are conscious about rooting the device given the safety and functionality of the app, you can try other alternatives like the Lucky Patcher, Game Hacker, Freedom APK in order to hack the games. Some of these apps work well with the non-rooted devices and are easier to use than Game Killer. However, the supportability is restricted to few prominent games alone and you can’t use them as broadly as Game Killer.

Will Google ban me if I’m using Game Killer to modify the games?

Google is not going to ban you. In fact, they don’t even care if you’re using the Game Killer to be precise. Game Killer has an anti-detect mechanism which is built in it that prevents the developers from getting the user information about the games and therefore your chance of getting caught is slimming down to almost zero.

Which Android versions are supported by the App?

From Gingerbread to the recent Marshmallow, all the Android versions are compatible with this app. However, if your device is pretty old; you might not be able to run the latest version of the game on it and therefore, it is better to use the older versions.