Best Android Rooting apps to Use Game Killer

If you know anything about the Android devices, you have to know that rooting the device is nothing but acquiring a full level access on your device by nullifying the warranty. There was a time when the Android devices started slowing down and rooting became the answer in such cases. Rooting not only simulates your device but also helps you in exploring different options which are usually off limits. It helps you in cleaning the waste data, improves your battery life, elevates the software, etc.

Every Android device is usually running on Linux Kernel and therefore when you root the device; you are seeking a complete access to your own operating system. Rooting is a method that allows you to change anything on your device which is why you have to root your device before installing the Game Killer as it involves modification of the games. Here are some prominent rooting apps that you can find:


A popular rooting app developed by Geohot, Towelroot is widely known and is exclusively designed for both Android and iOS users. After sideloading your device, download the application and install it by following the step by step instructions. You can see a Lambda icon and after installing, the app will exploit the Linus Kernel, and it gives you access to all of your system files. Once it is done, you need to just root the device with a simple click followed by a reboot to make things easy.


Framaroot is the recently launched rooting tool that can help you in rooting your device with just a simple click. You don’t need any personal computer or whatsoever to use Framaroot. This app includes many exploits namely Pippin, Frodo, Sam, Gimli, Aragorn, Boromir, Gandalf, etc. and using these you can get different access routes to your device. You first have to install the SuperUser and SU on the device with any Android version greater than 2.4 and then download the Framaroot before you install Game Killer and use it.


A Chinese app that has become popular across the globe; King Root is known as the only click rooting tool for the Android devices. It primarily roots all the Android devices, and it can also be used to root the smartphone using PCs. This app is not though available in the play store, but because of the reputation it has got, it is at every corner of the internet. King Root is one of the best apps used to root the devices without any doubt and with the help of this app, you can also delete the junk in your device and clean up the device with ease. You can unlock the entire operating system and install or modify an app on your device once you have rooted the device using King Root.

How to root your device before installing Game Killer?

  1. Rooting your android device is not difficult and given any of the rooting apps that are mentioned above, one can easily root the device with ease. To download the Kingroot or any other app, visit the official website of the rooting app and download the file from there.
  2. After downloading the file, go to the notification bar and then install the app by tapping on the downloaded APK file. Wait for the installation to be done with patience.
  3. After the app is installed, launch the app by clicking the icon from the system tray menu. On the home page, go to the button saying ‘root’ and click on it in order to root the device.
  4. Wait for the rooting to be done and then reboot your device before you start installing the Game Killer. To make sure that your device is rooted, install Root Checker and check the device’s status on it.

That being said, on the whole; Game Killer is one such app that you should own in case if you’re a hardcore Android game player. It has got a large domain that supports almost all the games given a specific game value and by scoring few points, gems, coins; you can alter the game in a way you want through memory modification technique. This app is easy to use because of the user-friendly interface and in case if you’re facing any issues regarding the usage of the app; approach us in the comment section so that we can help you deal with them.


Game Killer Alternatives-List and Comparison

Cheating is not considered to be an appropriate thing to do if it is hurting someone. But as long as it is not doing any exquisite harm and if you’re only hacking a game in order to get an enhanced gaming experience, it is okay to trespass the boundaries set by the developers and go on the wily constant. Some hacks are relatively licit than the others which is why it is fine to run games through the game hacker tools that modify the Android games. Some of the other alternatives to Game Killer are:

  1. Game CIH
  2. Game Guardian
  3. Freedom APK
  4. Lucky Patcher
  5. Game Hacker
  6. Xmod Games

Game Killer vs GameCIH:

GameCIH has been one of those popular original hacking tools and also the oldest to use among the game hackers. The app is very simple to use and using this app, one can hack the app with precision. The most beneficial thing about this app is that it helps you make searches by using specific keywords, unlike Game Killer. For example in games like Defender II, you can get search results just by entering the words like “Gold” or “Coins” and make things easier for you. GameCIH helps you in hacking the game in an easier way but it doesn’t work with all the games and is not limited at all. Game Killer, on the other hand, has a large database and helps you modify each and every game prominently.

Game Killer vs Game Guardian:

Launched much after the GameCIH, it is a bit older than the Game Killer. It has a relatively better user interface and is more functional than the Game CIH which is why you can put it somewhere between Game CIH and Game Killer. It also has a bigger database and works with almost all the games. However, it is extremely complicated to use and one can find hacking games harder through this app than the simple memory modification technique used in the Game Killer App.

Game Killer vs Freedom:

Freedom APK is an Android application which will give you a chance to open the top notch elements of a game and modify them in order to cross the barriers set by the developers. Clearly, this is a hack-ruler tool that sidesteps the main wallet and creates a fake Google Wallet through which you can get hold of all the in-app purchases.  The fake Mastercard has no credit stacked however the application can persuade Play Store and convince that you have paid the real cash. The app is not legal and you can’t find it in the Play Store yet. However, it is up to you to decide how far you can take this app. This app might not give you infinite resources in a go like Game Killer where you can just enter any number by searching for a game value. Also, it is not easier to use like Game Killer and it has a limited number of games enlisted on it other than that it offers more sophistication.

Game Killer vs Lucky Patcher:

A unique app as it is, Lucky Patcher works in an entirely different way than Game Killer. It actually helps you in authorizing various app that you have mounted on the Android device by modifying their source codes. With the help of Lucky Patcher app, you can not only hack the games, cross the restrictions, get hold of all the in-app purchases, you can also remove the ads from the apps. Lucky Patcher helps you in modifying the apps, make backups of the apps along with the games and you don’t even have to change the content of the app for this. While you’re using the app, you will come across the complete list of apps that are already installed on the app and all you need to do is just click on the app to see what all are available regarding the app. Once you have created the mod of the app, you can simply uninstall the app from the device and install the modified version. It also helps you in gaining excess information as well.

However, there are few glitches that one might face: closing down the applications, run the application in a specific issue that isn’t ordinarily empowered. Besides that, Lucky Patcher entirely helps you in changing the app from the root level and therefore, you can hack all the resources without spending a penny. This is the same as how Game Killer works and one has to keep updating themselves to the recent versions of both the apps. Using the Lucky Patcher, you can almost hack any game that is available in the Play Store and you can covet the application and control it the way you want. One brilliant thing about lucky patcher is that it can be installed on non-rooted devices unlike the Game Killer and therefore is easy and safe to use, relatively.

Game Killer vs SB Game Hacker:

Just like Game Killer, SB Game Hacker is not legitimate yet to be launched on the Google Play Store along with the official applications. Therefore, people often tend to be conscious about the trustworthiness of both the apps, given the developers are still not very well known. But, just as Game Killer; SB Game Hacker offers a secured hacking technique which is why it is completely fine to use the app on all the devices. Manufactured and published by the Golem Developers, one can alter the game scores, XP points, gems, coins, lives and in one word anything of the game by simply hacking the game engines. You can also work on the increment of the decrement of the gaming values like strength, skills, stamina levels etc by using the SB Game Hacker. However, to use this app you have to make sure that your device is not moving and this is to be assured to the Golem developers which

However, to use this app you have to make sure that your device is not moving and this is to be assured to the Golem developers which is a drawback when compared with the Game Killer. The best purposes behind exploitation Sb Game Hacker APK is that it’s free. It is used with all the apps and helps in blocking the ads of the games. Game Hacker has other features like profound hunting, seeking multi addresses, speed hacking, splitting the games through instruments making the apps simpler and snappier.  The SB Game Hacker is progressed and pretty empowering you to bridge on every game. Especially, if you’re someone who is interested in playing games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Subway Surfers or Temple Run; SB Game Hacker is the best that you can find out there.

Games Killer vs Xmod Games:

Xmod Games has been an app which lets you explore thousands and thousands of cheats that can be applied to a wide range of games. All you need to do is download the app and then open the game that you wanted to hack and follow the instructions to exploit the resources. There are many tricks, cheats and resources that can help you in playing the game easier and simpler but in an exciting way. The app supports almost all the video games coming from the Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Doodle Jump, Bubble Witch Saga, Plants vs Zombies to the recent version of Temple Run. It has got around 30 different games in its division as of now and is constantly expanding.  The cheats sometimes might tend to be just tips or help guidance to many games while in others; they turn out to be high level cheats that you can never imagine of getting. When compared to the Game Killer, it is much easier to use but is limited when we talk about the quantity of the resources and items.

How to use Game Killer App-Step by Step Guide

Well, sure you have installed the Game Killer App. But, how to use it? Don’t worry, in this post, we are gonna guide step by step to use Game killer app and don’t end up spoil your smartphone.

Follow these simple steps to Use Game Killer App:

  1. Launch the Game Killer App on your device and then minimize it by opening the home screen and let it run in the background.
  2. Now, install the particular game that you want to modify using Game Killer App or if it is already installed, open it.
  3. The next step involves knowing the coins or resources that are available for the game in Game Killer. This can be done by using the auto identify option.
  4. Open Game Killer again and enter the particular value in the search option for adequate results.
  5. Keep searching till you find the right mod for the game you want to play. If you can’t find a mod, change the value to something else and start searching all over again.

how to use game killer app

Things to be done before installing Game Killer:

Rooting your Android Device:

From what is heard across the internet, it is important to root your Android device before installing Game Killer on it to make sure that it works properly on your device. There are few apps in the market which will only run after you have given a full level access and Game Killer is one of them. To root your device, you can search for any of the rooting apps like the King Root and follow the step by step instructions in order to root your device in a single go. If you don’t know whether your device is rooted or not, it will let you know by showing the message of ‘insufficient permissions’ to make you aware that you should root the device.

Turn the Unknown Sources on:

Another issue that most of the Game Killer users confront during the installation is that it is blocked. The simple solution of such cases is to access the system Settings>Security and then go to the ‘Unknown Sources’ to enable them by checking the box beside. Once it is enabled, you can install Game Killer without any errors. However, as this might prone you to potential risks make sure that you can only install trusted applications from the site.

Modified Games:

Game Killer is only used to modify the games with the data that is already stored on their remote servers and therefore if a game is working on internet connection, you can’t actually modify them and this is indeed a sad news to many game users like the Clash of Clans fandom for example. By entering a particular value, the store gives you a life count based on its resident memory so that you can get hold of it and then change it.


The Game Killer tutorial is not something that can be skipped. Yes, you got it right. The tutorial will help you solve the issues and also will teach you how to modify the games by passing the boundaries and therefore go through it before actually trying the app.